Top 13+ Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits Great Fundraiser Ideas

The text-to-donate function helps raise funds through mobile devices, while a mobile tool kit encourages active donations. For nonprofits and non-government organizations (NGOs), funds collected via donations are the cog that keeps the wheels turning. Traditionally, fundraising efforts entailed phone calls from volunteers, direct mail to prospective donors and throwing elaborate galas to raise money for a particular cause.
Google offers a Google Ad Grant so that you can promote your great work without breaking your marketing budget. Before we get into the online fundraising ideas, let’s briefly take a look at the seven essential steps you’ll need to take to organize a successful fundraiser. Depending on the type of online fundraiser you organize, you may not always get a chance to collect this kind of information. At the very least, someone may see your campaign, follow your page for more updates, and make a donation at a later point. You don’t need to book a venue for your event, cater lunch for your committee meeting, pay for the 5,000 direct mail pieces you send out or print 500 flyers to promote your fundraiser. Most of the ideas in this post are low cost, rely on technology you already pay for, and some are completely free (other than paying your staff for their time, of course).
They can also have real-time access to data on the progress of their campaign and the campaign can be integrated with email and social media to increase the reach. You need to pick a prepaid plan as the pricing package at this site. The fee covers the costs of running a secure online donations service, fundraising campaigns, match funding programmes, one-to-one support, mentoring, and training and support to charities.
That way, you don’t have to deal with gathering sizes or collecting money. Set your own prices, and once your t-shirt fundraiser wraps up, Inkd Apparel will send you a check. If Great Fundraiser Ideas ’re looking for a cost-effective way to boost your charitable efforts, DoJiggy may be the fundraising platform for you. Since 2003, this platform has empowered nonprofits and schools to gain funding for their initiatives with tech-based solutions. Anytime technology is involved, there’s an inherent risk of handling personal information like credit card numbers and personal addresses.
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Once donors find a project they’re passionate about, they can donate to a specific classroom, school, or fund. Educators then order the items themselves and thank donors with detailed updates on how they spent the money. If a project does not reach its fundraising goal, the scientists pay no fees. DonorsChoose makes it easier than ever to connect people to public schools. Over two million fulfilled classroom project requests shows just how effective the crowdfunding site is in raising the money teachers need for tools and materials to offer a great education. If a project does not reach its fundraising goal, the creator pays no fees.
Sometimes it takes an outsider to look at your organization with fresh eyes. Nonprofits do well to segment their email campaigns based on what they know about their mailing list, and a good CRM will collect more than just names and email addresses. These capital campaigns are often used to fund major projects, including renovation or building projects, although they can also focus on building an endowment. But there are a lot of ways to build revenue for a nonprofit organization, and it can sometimes feel like we’re doing the same thing over and over and over again. Boost fundraising and increase the motivation for your fundraisers to engage their community.
Rotary International provides a helpful example of how to get it all on the page with bright colors, visuals, and digestible pieces of content no matter the donors’ interests. Here’s another good example of how to include donor incentives on your page without a lot of clutter. NRDC uses a fantastic photo and strong call-to-action with a well-designed donation form. Notice how they work in a mention of a matching gift and some additional information at the end. For that reason, donation pages continue to be a central part of nonprofit website design.
With Morweb, AUGSA can easily host customized forms and provide frequent blog-style news and events updates. Morweb also empowers AUGSA to maintain a strong brand image across all of its pages and resources, reinforcing the organization’s professionalism. The website invites visitors to learn and then act by donating and attending events. By using Morweb, IGNITE Pathways is able to leverage easy-to-use tools that allow the organization to brand its website to match its mission and logo. The site offers a library of video features and information about performances. Morweb doesn’t require any coding and is easy to update, which is perfect for especially active organizations like RAIN that are constantly hosting events and updating donation needs.